Mission Statement: "To provide our customers with a continuous supply of high quality premium coffees by paying our coffee growers a premium price for premium coffees. We aim to improve the lives of coffee growing families with hopes of expanding the project to include coffee growers in other countries."


Tradition. Freshness. Consistency. These three important ingredients are the key to our roaster's stellar reputation and longevity in the coffee industry. For almost 70 years, our roaster has provided the best of the best, the highest grade of specialty coffees, cupped and re-cupped throughout the purchasing, roasting, and packaging processes, and delivered immediately to guarantee the most delicious blends of the finest coffees available. Their products include varietal coffees from every major growing region in the world, Organic Trade, Single Estate, the finest Arabica coffee, and Swiss Water Processed Decaffeinated Coffee. They strive for nothing short of excellence in their coffee, and maintain rigorous standards in quality control, policies, and procedures to exact only optimum results. They use a Nitrogen gas flush that reduces the oxygen within each coffee pouch to less than 5%, preserving freshness during packaging. 


Our coffee beans derive from the most natural of sources around the world. Each bean is carefully roasted and packaged fresh for optimal effect and flavor. Locations for the source are different for each of our house blends, read on below to learn more: 

SmartBean Espresso - Signature Blend Ground & Whole Bean Coffee

A dark roast with low acidity. This blend of Central American Arabica and sweet Indonesian coffee beans form a bold, yet not bitter taste along with a hint of Robusta beans to give it higher levels of caffeine and a true espresso crema. This sophisticated blend  will have any coffee connoisseur beaming with pride! 



Guatemala Antigua - Dark Roast

Guatemala is the second largest producer of coffee in Central America, and in many ways, Antigua beans represent all the best qualities beans in this region can offer. For those looking to switch from drinking mass-produced coffee to high-end beans, Guatemala Antigua is the perfect first step. 

Guatemala Antigua is known for its complex flavor profile, especially when compared with other Central American beans. The coffee has a bright acidity combined with a surprisingly full body. This pairing of heavy and light qualities results in a coffee that is both refreshing and fulfilling.


History and Geography

The Antigua coffee region is located near the Southern coast of Guatemala. Beans are grown in a valley surrounded by three volcanic mountains. The area is between 4,600 and 5,600 feet above sea level and has steady 66-71°F temperatures, a reliable weather pattern, heavy rainfall, and a constant high level of humidity. The elevation, nutrient-rich volcanic soil, and ideal weather conditions all combine to create a perfect environment for growing high-quality Arabia coffee beans.

Source: https://blog.suvie.com/a-beginners-guide-to-coffee-guatemala-antigua/



Brazilian Santos - Medium Roast

When freshly roasted it delivers one of the best coffee drinking opportunities one can have. Being the largest coffee exporter in the world, and having a wide production area spread over different climate areas gives Brazil the unique opportunity of producing the widest variety of qualities and types possible for one single country. For that reason, Brazil’s potential to blend a countless number of formulas is precious. On the same page, coffees from Brazil can be significantly used in all types of recipes and the country is the finest provider for espresso.

“Brazilian Santos Coffee” is a symbol of high quality. Highlights to note:

  • sweet
  • smooth
  • subtle
  • has little acidity
  • with cinnamon nuance
  • extremely pleasant
  • moderately aromatic
  • a medium bodied coffee
  • creamy with a mellow flavor


History and Geography

Covered with over 400,000 acres of 100% Arabica coffee, the state of São Paulo is one of the most traditional coffee-growing areas in Brazil. Brazilian producers are among the most prolific and dedicated in the world and the ones from São Paulo State and South Minas are able to export the best of the best in the world, with smooth, rich and full body coffees. The Brazil Santos Coffee beans are perfect for all types of beverage, without being underrated by any other country in the world.

Mogiana and west mid-state in São Paulo, deliver the best Santos coffees from Brazil, along with South Minas Gerais.

Source: https://brazilcoffeefacts.com/brazil-santos-coffee


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