SmartBean Coffee House in Hialeah, FL

SmartBean Coffee House where you can listen to elegant sounds of jazz as you sip your coffee and leave your troubles behind. This is not your typical microwaved food your most likely accustomed to at other coffee houses, we also have a full kitchen. At SmartBean all food is cooked to order. We have an eclectic menu, which was derived from the culinary experiences during travels by the owner over his lifetime.

We have a great drink menu - including lattes, frappes, iced drinks, and smoothies. We use Ghirardelli TM products along with our own proprietary coffee bean to make the best drinks you can get in South Florida. We take classics like beignets and put a Cuban spin on them by injecting them with flavors like guava and cheese and dulce de leche. We offer dishes like beef short rib tacos, avocado toast, black truffle eggs, acai bowls and many more all made fresh to order along with plenty of vegan options priced under conventional boutique cafes. Fresh baked goods every day like, vegan banana bread and blueberry muffins. The food is what really sets us apart from other coffee shops!

SmartBean Coffee House Poached Egg Avocado Toast SmartBean Coffee House Pitaya Fruit Bowl SmartBean Coffee House Beef Short Rib Tacos SmartBean Coffee House Prosciutto and Egg Sandwich

Almost forgot to mention we can put any picture or design on your latte.
We can literally print your favorite picture or business logo right on your coffee foam. Plus, this beauty is portable. Don't forget to book us for your next event or catering needs. These make for a great Instagram posts. A true crowd pleaser.

Our Collection

Our coffee beans derive from the naturalist of sources around around the world. Each bean is carefully roasted and packed fresh for optimal effect and flavor in the US. The location of the source is different for each of our house blends. Visit our store or preview our collection to learn more.


Our Team

Chef Rodney Bocanegra of SmartBean Coffee House in Hialeah, FL

Daniel Campos

Daniel Campos was born in Hialeah, Florida to Cuban immigrant parents who left everything behind to start anew in the land of opportunity. At an early age he learned of financial struggle and hard work. Despite the economic challenges then, his family set an example of dignity, pride and good ethics. Daniel’s grandparents taught him the importance of perseverance and dedication - playing a key role in an upbringing.

Daniel’s life is driven by his passion for adventure, travel, culture, community and of course, good coffee. He holds a B.A. from Florida International University and Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from Nova University. He started his entrepreneurial career purchasing an investment property as a 21 year-old student working part-time. This helped catapult a successful business career of diverse ventures.

Chef Rodney Bocanegra of SmartBean Coffee House in Hialeah, FL

Tayana Campos

Tayana is responsible for managing all sales operation.Her duties include drafting sales reports, meeting sales targets, and estimating sales profit for products. She also manages all our vendors contracts while establishing new business relationships with third party vendors.